Baxter Sustainability Challenge


Sustainability Prize

51 Sustainable Initiatives

51 applications from 43 hospitals across ANZ made it difficult to award. So, to ensure the prize money is maximised, the Jury paid particular attention to submissions demonstrating:

  1. A clear end-to-end action plan
  2. Project achievability with the resources available
  3. Sufficient project prework and scope to ascertain feasibility (research, quoting, stakeholder management)

Congratulations to all the winners. We are excited to witness these initiatives come to fruition and hope that these projects will inspire and encourage others.

Winners of the $20,000 are…

Hollywood Private

What the Jury loved about this initiative was the fact that it goes beyond environmental responsibility. Not only is Hollywood Private striving to repurpose old uniforms from over 2000 staff, but they are also looking to partner with a company that creates jobs for people with a disability.

John Hunter Children's Hospital

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) uses 90,000 single use infant feeding bottles per year. That’s 1,800 bottles per week going into landfill, which the unit aims to divert into a recycling program, allowing for the plastic to be reused in other household items.

It was hard for the Jury to go past this initiative. It presented solid plan, plastic analysis, costing, additional fundraising and a solution for collection and processing.

Furthermore, Hunter New England Local Health District's has a goal to become waste and carbon neutral by 2030, and the Jury was very impressed by the determination of the NICU to do their part in reaching that goal.

Monash Health

The Jury was also rapt by Monash Health's vision to build a circular economy. The aim here is to repurpose uniforms across five hospital sites into new economies for textiles around Victoria. Three recyclers have already been identified.

Mater Misericordiae Ltd

The need for more sustainable recycling solutions within theatres was a common theme among the submissions for the Sustainability Challenge. But this initiative in particular stood out to the Jury, as it has the potential to benefit and educate healthcare professionals beyond the Mater theatres.

The team aims to deliver an orientation/training video on the full range of recycling streams in operating theatres. We are very much looking forward to seeing this one.

St George Hospital, Kogarah

This team put forward an impressive detailed and costed plan to divert reject water from the reverse osmosis unit to the main hospital water system, where it will be used for flushing toilets. The expected savings are 1.6 million litres of water per year.

Flinders University College of Nursing and Health Science

Plastics recycling was another major challenge many submissions aimed to solve. Therefore, the Jury is also awarding Flinders University College of Nursing and Health Science for their long-term perspective on this issue.

In the future, every Nurse trained by CNHS Flinders University will have the knowledge and skill to recycle in a healthcare setting anywhere, know their responsibility to the planet and by the end of each of their training, know that individually they have recycled 4,260 kg of plastics.

Thank you

Thanks to everyone who showed their passion for making a difference to the environment by submitting their ideas. It was truly inspiring.

Also thank you to the Baxter Jury for dedicating and prioritising time for this important topic.

The participants were:

  • Alfred Hospital
  • Auckland District Health Board (ADHB) - Community Services
  • Armidale Hospital
  • Bendigo Health
  • Curtis Teed
  • Epic Pharmacy Wesley
  • Fiona Stanley Hospital Pharmacy Department
  • Flinders University College of Nursing and Health Science
  • Harbour Cancer Centre Limited
  • HealthSource
  • Hollywood Private
  • Hunters Hill Private Hospital Ramsay
  • John Hunter Children's Hospital
  • John Hunter Hospital/Hunter New England Health
  • Macquarie University Vascular/Respiratory/Cardiac
  • Mansfield Health Practice
  • Medical Pantry – charity
  • Monash Health
  • Mercy Hospital Dunedin Limited
  • Middlemore (Counties Manukau Health)
  • Mater Misericordiae Ltd
  • New Zealand Blood Service
  • Nowra Private Hospital
  • Prince of Wales
  • Princess Alexandra - Metro South Health
  • Redcliff Hospital
  • Rockingham Peel Group
  • Rockingham General Hospital
  • Royal North Shore Hospital
  • RBWH – Queensland Health
  • Southern Adelaide Local Health Network
  • South West Healthcare
  • Spectacle Optometry Consulting
  • Starship Children's Hospital
  • Sydney Adventist
  • St George Hospital, Kogarah
  • SLHD Biomedical Engineering CRGH
  • The Children's Hospital at Westmead
  • The Health Builder
  • Top End Health Service
  • Whanganui DHB
  • Waitemata DHB
  • Western Health