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Solution innovation designed to address and, where possible, overcome the challenges and complications associated with critical illness, which can lead to increased cost of care, length of stay and impact patient quality of life during and post-ICU admission.1

Patient deterioration

Patient Deterioration

Early detection of patient deterioration is critical to avoid complications.

Smart beds automatically alert changes in a patient’s heart rate and respiratory condition reducing the risk of preventative complications and code blue events by up to 86% as well as chances of readmission by up to 45%.2

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Pressure injuries and skin ulcers

Pressure Injuries

For patients, pressure injuries result in significant pain, quality of life impacts and slow recovery.3

Maintain skin and tissue metabolism by managing the appropriate nutritional need for each patient – efficiently and accurately.

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Secondly, special hospital beds can support ICU staff in performing pressure relieving repositioning, as well as control moisture levels.


Patient mobility

Patient Mobility

Whether it’s caused by a patients’ physical or psychological well-being, many early ICU-immobility issues can be overcome through technology.

Treat or prevent pulmonary complications with the use of percussion and vibration or continuous lateral rotation therapies; and reduce ventilator days by up to 70%.

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Infection Control

Infection Control & Patient Safety

Clinical tools can help protect people and reduce pressure on the healthcare systems.

Combining data and insights, ICNET enables proactive patient identification and intervention, when monitoring and preventing outbreaks of infectious diseases.

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Ready-mixed IV solutions and DoseIQ infusion software can improve the safety of delivering high risk medications to patients with precision.

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Respiratory issues

Respiratory Issues

When respiratory assistance becomes acute, delivering the right therapy at the right time is challenging.

Reduce lung therapy time to as little as 10 minutes maximising efficiency for clinicians and patients.

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Deliver ECCO2R therapy in three different ways on the same device.

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