Baxter’s commitment to sustainability

PVC recycling program continues to grow

Baxter’s commitment to sustainability and high-quality medical-grade PVC ensure its solution containers can be commercially recycled in Australia and New Zealand.

Launched in 2002, the recycling program is now in place across 100 hospitals in ANZ.

Working in partnership with local hospital staff, designated bins are installed across hospital wards allowing for the collection of Baxter and non-Baxter products including oxygen tubing and oxygen masks.

The collected material is then distributed to a third-party recycling company for the manufacture of industrial and children’s playground matting.

Baxter works closely with hospitals to train clinical staff on the correct and safe method for recycling PVC collected from intensive care units, operating theatres, dialysis units and other wards and departments.

Recycling for home PD patients

Across Australia and New Zealand, Baxter has also started a program to recycle PVC containers used by patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis at home.

More than 760 patients in Australia and New Zealand have signed up to the program to reduce household and council waste.

The recycling program is open to patients living in metropolitan areas and whose therapy is delivered by Baxter.

A leader in environmental sustainability

Globally, Baxter’s broad range of efforts in corporate responsibility and environmental stewardship include driving sustainability through its global manufacturing operations, providing a safe workplace and resources to maintain and improve employee health and wellness, and managing a sustainable supply chain.

In 2016, Baxter was recognised for the 17th consecutive year in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World) - among the most prestigious global benchmarks for corporate responsibility and sustainability.

Baxter is one of only a few companies that has been included in the Index each year since its creation in 1999.

Baxter was recognised for its industry-leading performance in corporate citizenship and philanthropy, environmental policy and management systems and environmental reporting.