PD Recycling @ Baxter

‘The average home PD patient uses about 900 PVC solution bags, 900 over pouches and 300 cardboard boxes per year. This creates a significant waste burden on both the patient and the environment because the majority of this waste would normally end up in land fill.

Baxter recognises their part in the creation of this waste and as such has initiated a recycling for home patients program. In this program, patients who have their PD therapy consumables delivered by a Baxter driver can now have all of their Baxter PVC and cardboard waste collected and recycled on their behalf at no cost to the patient.

The recycled waste from one patient will produce 750 meters of garden hose or 36 play mats and realise a 42% reduction in the carbon foot print of the patient. 

Along with a reduction in land fill, the program also reduces the use of both power and water in the re-manufacturing process significantly benefiting the environment through water conservation and reduced CO2 emissions.’